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Personal, Possessive, Reflexive and Emphasizing Pronouns – Exercícios

01. It’s too hot in here. Let’s refresh _________ with a drink of cold water.


a) myself
b) yourself
c) yourselves
d) ourselves
e) themselves

02. Peter’s wife said: “My husband wants me to sell my bicycle, but he won’t sell __________”.

a hers
b) his
c) yours
d) its
e) theirs

03. Put into English : “Ele mesmo consertou seu portão”.

a) He fixed his gate itself by himself.
b) He himself fixed his gate.
c) He fixed his gate itself.
d) He fixed his gate by itself.
e) He fixed himself his gate.

04. (ITA) As I was sure that I couldn’t ask anybody for help, I wrote the letter by __________.

a) me
b) myself
c) himself
d) itself
e) themselves

05. Where did you, Robert, hurt ________________?

a) himself
b) hers
c) yourselves
d) his
e) yourself

06. John and Mary are my best friends, and I often go to movies with _________.

a) their
b) her
c) yhim
d) them
e) they

07. Put into English: Um dos amigos dele está no exterior.


a) A friend of himself is abroad.
b) A friend of him is abroad.
c) One of her friends is abroad.
d) A friend of his is abroad.
e) One of his friend is abroad.

08. Put into English: Ela mesma resolveu o problema.

a) She solved the problem itself by herself..
b) She herself solved the problem.
c) She solved the problem itself.
d) She solved the problem by itself.
e) She solved herself the problem.

09. (MACKENZIE) My wife was so hungry that she ate all _______ sandwich and ______ too.

a) herself / my
b) her / myself
c) her / mine
d) hers / mine
e) her / my

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01. D 02. B 03. B 04. B
05. E 06. D 07. D 08. B
09. C