The Future and Conditional Tense – Exercícios

Leia o artigo: Verbos em Inglês

01. Complete com o tempo verbal adequado do verbo entre parêntese:

a) They’ll stop talking if you _______________ them to.
(to ask)

b) If you had told me, I _______________ you.
(to help)

c) If you _______________ smart, you would buy that house.
(to be)

02. His flowers _______________ better if he _______________ them more carefully.

a) would grow – waters.
b) would have grown – had watered
c) would have grow – watered
d) will grow – watered
e) will grew – will water

03. Those students _______________ if they _______________ hard.

a) will succeed – work
b) succeed – will work
c) succeeded – had worked
d) will succeeded – worked
e) n.d.a.

04. If _______________, you’d have had a good time.

a) you go
b) you’d gone
c) you were gone
d) you was gone
e) you went

05. I _______________ have gone if I _______________ received your letter.

a) could – have
b) would – had
c) would – have
d) would – did
e) could – did

06. You’d catch the train if you _____ earlier.

a) leave
b) had left
c) lived
d) will leave
e) left

07. If he _________ thirsty, he’d have drunk some water.

a) was
b) had been
c) were
d) would
e) is

08. If Ted ________ another sandwich, he’ll be sick.

a) eat
b) will
c) ate
d) had eaten
e) eats

09. If she _______________, I’d have known it.

a) had arrived
b) would had arrived
c) would arrive
d) will arrive
e) has arrived

10. No one ________ you if you’d not shouted.

a) will hear
b) wouldn’t have heard
c) would hear
d) hear
e) would have heard


01. a) ask
b) would have helped
c) were

02. B 03. A 04. B 05. B
06. E 07. B 08. E 09. A
10. E