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Many – Much – Exercícios

01. He spent ______ money on clothes. 


a) a lot
b) many
c) a little
d) a few
e) few

02. It is ______ better to say nothing.

a) very
b) many
c) a lot of
d) much
e)lots of

03. Ask the baker to bring ________ bread since we are not hungry.

a) more
b) fewer
c) least
d) many
e) less

04. (ITA) If you had studied harder you would have had _______ difficulty.

a) many
b) very
c) more
d) fewer
e) less

05. (UNESP) ________ has been written about this subject.

a) Much
b) Many
c) Lost of
d) Fewer
e) Few

06. I bought _____ flowers and ____ milk than yesterday.

a) fewer / fewer
b) fewer / less
c) less / less
d) more / fewer
e) less / more

07. Assinale F (falso) ou V (verdadeiro):


a) (     ) Many more things.
b) (     ) Much more intelligent.
c) (     ) Fewer things to say.
d) (     ) Less air to breathe.

08. (UNBA) ______ stories were told to the children.

a) Less
b) Few
c) Much
d) A lot
e) Lots

09. She didn’t want to drink ______ water because she wasn’t _____ thirsty.

a) much / very
b) many / much
c) fewer / less
d) less / more
e) few / very


01. C02. D03. A04. E
05. A06. B

07. V / V / V / V

08. B

09. A