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Singular and Plural – Exercícios

01. (FMU) The little _________ are in that __________.                                 


a) foxes – boxes
b) fox – box
c) foxen – box
d) foxes – box
e) foxen – boxen

02. (PUCC) Five ________ packages were sent to South America.

a) thousand
b) thousand of
c) thousands
d) thousands of
e) all are correct

03. (PUCC) O plural de sister – in – law, child e armchair é:

a) sister – in – law, children, armchairs
b) sister – in – law, children, armschair
c) sisters – in – law, childs, armchairs
d) sister – in – law, children, armchairs
e) sisters – in – law, children, armchairs

04. (FMU) Their ___________ are against their attitudes.

a) believe
b) belief
c) believes
d) beliefs
e) believ

05. (MACK – HUM) The plural of louse and mouse is:

a) louses – mouses
b) lice – mice
c) lice – mouses
d) louses – mice
e) a and b are corrects

06. (PUCC) O plural de buzz, country e shelf é:

a) buzz, countres, shelfs
b) buzzes, countries, shelves
c) buzzes, countres, shelves
d) buzzes, countrys, shelves
e) buzz, countres, shelves

07. (ABC) The plural of brother – in – law is:

a) brothers – in – law
b) brother – in – laws
c) brothers – in – laws
d) brethren – in – laws
e) it has no plural

08. (FMU) ___________ are generally big and black animals.

a) Ox
b) Oxes
c) Oxen
d) Foxen
e) Fox

09. (ITA) The United States ____________ a big country.

a) is
b) are
c) have
d) a e b são corretas
e) todas são corretas

10. (OSEC) ___________ names were published in this list.

a) Hundreds
b) Hundreds of
c) Hundred
d) Hundred of
e) Five hundreds of


01. D02. A03. E04. D
05. B06. B07. A08. C
09. A10. B