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The Imperative – Infinitive and Gerund – Exercícios

01. Passe para a forma negativa a frase “Stand up!”:


02. She was so upset she couldn’t help ___________.

a) to complaining
b) complain
c) complaining
d) complained
e) complains

03. Would you mind _____________ the door, please?

a) to open
b) open
c) opening
d) opens
e) opening

04. She couldn’t help __________ at you, honey!

a) laugh
b) to laugh
c) laughed
d) was laughing
e) laughing

05. The Prime Minister said he was looking forward to ___________ the President.

a) seeing
b) see
c) sees
d) to see
e) saw

06. I gave up ______ soccer when I was 20.

a) to play
b) played
c) playing
d) plays
e) play

07. He avoided _________ the same mistakes again.

a) makes
b) making
c) to make
d) made
e) maked

08. I’m used to ______ about odd things.


a) hear
b) heard
c) hears
d) hearing
e) am hearing

09. (UNESP) There’s no hope of ________ survivors.

a) to find
b) finding
c) founded
d) finds
e) find

10. (MACKENZIE) _______ at picyure in art-galleries is a good pastime.

a) Looking
b) Look
c) Looked
d) To look
e) To looking

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01. Don’t stand up!

02. B03. C04. E05. A
06. C07. B08. D09. B
10. A