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The Past Tense – Exercícios

01. Complete com o tempo verbal adequado as frases abaixo:


a) Francis ________________ home yesterday.(to leave)
b) I ________________ to Guarujá last week.   (to go)
She ________________ that house a year ago.(to buy)
d) Mark ________________ to you last month.(to write)

02. The Brazilian football team _______________ to Venezuela last week.

a) flew
b) fly
c) flown
d) flying
e) have flown

03. I wish tomorrow ________________ Easter.

a) has been
b) is
c) were
d) be
e) wil be

04. I ____________ what he ____________ but I could not understand it.

a) hear / said
b) heard / says
c) hear / say
d) heard / said
e) hearing /saying

05. Now I realize that I acted as if I ________________ a child.

a) was
b) be
c) were
d) is
e) am

06. The little boy ______ the picture of a garden at school last Monday. 

a) draw
b) draws
c) drawn
d) drew
e) drawing

07. My mother is not very patient. I wish she _____________ our problems.

a) understood
b) understands
c) will understand
d) can understand
e) may understand

08. Yesterday, while he _______ down the street, he _______ an old friend of his.

a) has walked / met
b) walked / had met
c) was walking / met
d) walked / was meeting
e) walks / met

09. I wish I _______ more money: I would buy a new flat.

a) earn
b) earned
c) earns
d) to earn
e) am earning

10. The British Ambassador to Paris _______ his first public speech.

a) makes
b) make
c) is making
d) made
e) to make

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01. a) left
b) went
c) bought
d) wrote

02. A03. C04. D05. C
06. D07. A08. C09. B
10. D