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The Present Tense – Exercícios

01. Complete com o tempo correto do verbo indicado as frases:


a) Take the money just in case you ________________ it.
(to need)

b) As soon as he ________________ back, I’ll tell you.
(to come)

02. Complete com o tempo correto do verbo indicado as frases:

a) Leave the money with me in case he ________________.
(to return)

b) She _________ while her husband ___________ the paper.
(to cook)                                (to read) 

03. Complete com o tempo correto do verbo indicando as frases:

a) Waithere until they ________________.
(to arrive)

b) Be quiet! He ____________ now.
(to sleep)

04. Wake me up as soon as my brothers________________. 

a) will arrive
b) arrived
c) arrive
d) had arrived
e) is arriving

05.  “Hello, Ann. What are you doing?”
“I _______________ my books.”

a) were looking
b) had looked
c) has been looking
d) am looking for
e) looks

06. Will you see her when she __________ ?

a) arrived
b) does arrives
c) did arrive
d) arrive
e) arrives

07. “My wife learned to play bridge.”
“How nice! We _______________.”


a) play often that game, too
b) often play that game, too
c) also that game play often
d) play also that game often
e) play too often that game

08. I’m taking my umbrella in case it ________ later on.

a) rains
b) rain
c) raining
d) is rainning
e) rained

09. A: I’,m sorry: I forgot to post your letter.
B: Never mind! I’ll post it myself when I _________ out.

a) going
b) am go
c) go
d) goes
e) gone

10. As long as I ___________ I’ll not move from my home town.

a) lives
b) to lives
c) live
d) am living
e) to live

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01. a) need (present após “in case”)
b) comes (present após expressão de tempo à as soon as = assim que)

02. a) returns (present após “in case”)
b) is cooking / is reading (present continuous indicando simultaneidade)

03. a) arrive (present após expressão de tempo à until = até)
b) is sleeping (present continuous com “now”)

04. C05. D06. E07. B
08. A09. C10. C